Hundreds of angry Serbians ‘welcome’ Joe Biden wearing none other than TRUMP T-shirts

During his visit to Serbia this week, U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was shocked to find hundreds of Serbian protesters carrying “Vote for Trump” signs and wearing Donald Trump T-shirts.

Biden is in the majority Christian nation on a diplomatic mission to convince the country to normalize its relations with Kosovo, a region that split away from Serbia in 1999 and has been independent since 2008, according to the Washington Post.

But local members of the nationalist Serbian party are not very interested in Biden’s visit. They remember him as a U.S. senator who supported the bombing of their country back in 1999.

To show their displeasure, a large group of nationalist Serbs donned their Donald Trump shirts and marched in Belgrade while chanting Trump’s name.

Biden also riled Serbians by his constant boasts of how important his advice was to policy positions in the Balkans in the 1990s and early 2000s, a claim even the Washington Post says is mostly hot air.

The Serbian Trump supporters claim Trump will upend “globalization” and will “destroy old centers of power in the United States.”


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