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Thug revenge on cops continues: Second night of Milwaukee violence as National Guard is called

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A second night of violent protests gripped the city of Milwaukee on Sunday.

Even after Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard, at the request of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the violence saw one person shot and a police officer injured by a rock that busted his cruiser’s windshield, according to Reuters.

Protests were peaceful for most of the night until 11 p.m. when about 20 officers in riot gear confronted around 100 protesters who were throwing rocks at police and firing guns.

The looting, rioting and protesting is for 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith who, according to Chief Edward Flynn, turned and pointed a gun at officers who chased him after he fled from a traffic stop.

On Saturday night his cousin called for the murder of more cops as revenge. Violent mobs chased, targeted and attacked white people, although it was later learned that it was, in fact, a black officer who shot Smith.

“I know what I saw. Based on what I saw, didn’t hear, don’t know what the autopsy results are going to be, (the officer) certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds,” Flynn told reporters.

Mayor Tom Barrett confirmed that Smith didn’t let go of his weapon when ordered.

Barrett produced a photo that clearly showed a gun in Smith’s hands.

None of those facts did anything to prevent a second night of savagery.

Some on social media tried to talk sense, including Sheriff Clarke.

Carmine Sabia


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