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Geraldo says Trump should apologize for ‘bull***t’ Second Amendment statement

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With friends like Geraldo Rivera, who needs enemies?

The Fox News contributor on Wednesday called on his “friend” Donald Trump, who he “loves,” to apologize to America for his comments on Tuesday suggesting that Second Amendment voters can put a stop to Hillary Clinton.

Most honest people realize the media seized on the opportunity to quickly shift focus from the fact that the father of the Orlando terrorist, a professed Taliban supporter, attended a Hillary Clinton rally and offered his enthusiastic support.

But Trump’s “friend” Rivera laid the blame at the feet of GOP presidential nominee and ignored the media’s role in pushing the story.

“This was a total brain fart by Donald Trump,”Rivera said Wednesday on “Outnumbered.”

“If he meant it then he is potentially guilty of the federal crime of threatening a federal officer or presidential candidate.”

Rivera said “in his heart” he didn’t believe Trump meant his words as a threat.

“But the mere fact that this grown up man who is the nominee of the major party, who could be the president of the United States, is so sloppy in his verbiage that he allows others to construe or misconstrue what he said as a threat of violence against a candidate is shameful,” he said. “He should apologize.”

His comments echoed what he tweeted earlier in the day when he called Trump’s comments “bullshit.”

Carmine Sabia


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