‘La Cosa . . . what?’ NYC reporter BUTCHERS well-known Italian mob names in painful video

The New York Daily News ought to take less time launching attacks at Donald Trump and more time reviewing its hiring practices for reporters who are supposed to know New York.

On Thursday, 46 alleged mafioso were arrested in what authorities called an “East Coast La Cosa Nostra Enterprise” with charges ranging from gambling and loan sharking to arson and extortion, the News reported.

But it was their video narrator’s butchering of well-known names in the New York City crime scene that is certain to raise some eyebrows.

He pronounced the name of the Lucchese family as “lou cheesey,” seriously.

And he only made matters worse when he called alleged Genovese capo Pasquale (Patsy) Parrello “pass kale.”

How tough would it have been for the reporter to figure out the proper pronunciation of these names?


Carmine Sabia


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