Bill Maher blasts ‘fact-free racist rednecks’ voting for Trump in battle with former GOP senator

Left-wing comedian and political commentator Bill Maher insulted an entire swath of people on his show “Real Time” on Friday.

Speaking with equally liberal actor/director Rob Reiner, anti-Trump conservative Tara Setmayer and pro-Trump Republican Sen. Rick Santorum the host said the Republican party “handcuffed themselves to a dead hooker… but the dead hooker is not really Trump, it’s the voters.”

He said that Trump’s success is attributed to him tapping into, what Maher called, the “fact-free racist rednecks” that he believes are the base of the GOP.

“Even after these last two weeks Donald Trump is winning among independents Santorum argued. “Secondly he’s only getting 60 some percent of the Republican vote so he’s got a long way to go to solidify his base.”

Carmine Sabia


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