Uber-lib Bill Maher takes off after Rachel Maddow over reaction to Bill Clinton’s DNC speech

HBO talk show host and extreme left-winger Bill Maher took after some on his own side, ripping Bernie Sanders fans for being overly concerned about “purity” and slamming lefty TV host Rachel Maddow for her criticism of Bill Clinton.

In what was billed as a “Special DNC Edition” of his show, “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the host said Wednesday he was a bit miffed with Sanders fans for their constant expectation of purity in political candidates.

Maher called their drive for perfect liberalism, “this disease on the left of purity gotcha that going after your friends that are a little bit different than you.”

A little later he took after MSNBC TV host Rachel Maddow for criticizing Bill Clinton over his story on how he met Hillary. On her own show, Maddow had called Bill’s story “shocking and weird” as Mediaite reported. Maher just couldn’t understand what her problem was.

After reviewing her comments about the former president, Maher said of Maddow, “Are you fu***ng kidding me?! Bill Clinton’s gonna get a blowjob from Hillary for the first time in years from that speech!”

The show also featured guests comic D.L. Hughley, conservative writer Charles Cooke, and disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

For his part, D.L. Hughley is known for making outrageous hate-filled statements. Recently, he made the absurd statement that “there is no black on black crime” in America, for instance, and during the primaries he attacked black conservatives, just to name a few.


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