Undercover James O’Keefe walks through Bernie crowd as Hillary supporter — is lucky to make it out!

Undercover videographer James O’Keefe decided to don an “I’m With Her” Hillary Clinton shirt and walk though the unruly crowd of Bernie Sanders fans in Philadelphia during the now-concluded Democrat National Convention, and BOY did he get an earful. He was even physically attacked and knocked to the ground by a Sanders fan.

While Democrats were safely inside their convention center preaching “party unity” and insisting all was well, dozens of Sanders supporters were escorted out of the convention and thousands of Sanders supporters angrily marched outside attacking Hillary and anyone who would support her.

O’Keefe, the chief of the undercover video group Project Veritas, decided to see just how much party unity the Democrats were really mustering, and he found the whole idea was abhorrent to many.

In fact, during one confrontation with a Sanders fan, O’Keefe was knocked to the ground.

So much for Democrats being the kinder, gentler side of the aisle.

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