Megyn Kelly gives ‘tingles’ new meaning and absolutely gushes over Hillary’s womanhood

Megyn Kelly couldn’t contain her excitement over the nomination of Hillary Clinton for president Thursday night.

“What a moment it was at the beginning where we saw a woman, a mother, a grandmother take to the stage and hug her daughter and accept the presidential nomination of her party,” Kelly said after Clinton’s speech.

She said she saw tweets of women who kept their daughter’s awake “to watch a woman make history in the United States America after far, far too long.”

“It’s similar to what we saw with Barack Obama where you saw him break the color barrier when it came to the presidency,” she said. “We’re making progress, and the mere fact that her gender is something that gets mentioned, but it’s not the dominant theme.”

Really, Megyn? All that was left was for Kelly to pull a Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews and say she had “this thrill going up” her leg.

Have you seen her campaign? She literally sells “woman cards.”

Carmine Sabia


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