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FACEPALM: CNN commentator pushes for a ban on ‘AK-15s’ after mass shootings

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Those who are most opposed to guns happen to also be those who know the least about them. That was made crystal clear when a CNN regular showed her ignorance about firearms last week.

Columnist and CNN commentator Sally Kohn tweeted:

Of course, there’s no such thing as an AK-15 — there are AR-15s and AK 47s.

And she got roundly — and appropriately — hounded for it. Herd are a few examples:

Lost their violence? That’s a strange turn of phrase for someone whose business is words. One person offered Kohn some help.

Still another offered this:

The discussion eventually led to the relative merits of the two weapons that Kohn had confused.

In fairness to Kohn, she’s hardly the only gun hater to demonstrate ignorance of firearms, and her mistake was merely a confusion of nomenclatures.

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