Alex Jones & Roger Stone create havoc when they ‘crash’ uber-Liberal set; nearly comes to blows

Cenk Uygur, the host of the far left YouTube show “The Young Turks,” and libertarian InfoWars host Alex Jones nearly came to blows Thursday night at the Republican national convention.

By Jones’ account of what occurred, a member of TYT staff asked him and Roger Stone to be on the show and instructed them to walk straight on stage in an ambush style.

“I definitely, definitely, definitely did not invite him on the set ,” a visibly agitated Uygur said on his show after the confrontation.

But regardless of how he got on the set things quickly got heated once he was there.

Jones president Uygur with a t-shirt that had a picture of former President Bill Clinton on it with the word “rape” under him in the style of President Obama’s famous “hope” t-shirts.

That sent Uygur over the edge as he snatched the shirt, and Jones’ microphone, and began shouting at Stone, calling him a “sick man” and “the biggest liar in media.”

Jones and Uygur continued to trade verbal jabs after Stone walked away but that soon exploded into an all out shouting match that nearly became a physical fight if not for security rushing in to separate the warring factions.

One of the Turks’ staff even spit on Jones during the argument.

The altercation was covered on social media.

Carmine Sabia


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