Trump breaks silence on Melania’s speech controversy, deals the media a massive blow

After endless hours of mainstream media scrutiny surrounding Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism of her Republican National Convention (RNC) speech, Donald Trump is finally speaking out.

Melania was accused of plagiarizing her speech from first lady Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech.

But Trump doesn’t much seem to care about the hysteria coming from the media. Check out his major blow to the mainstream media:

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort fended off attacks from the media regarding Melania’s speech, saying that the issue was only stirred up after the Clinton campaign leaked the allegations to the media.

Jeffrey Lord, a Trump supporter and CNN pundit, said Melania’s speech was “not Benghazi,” arguing the amount of time focused on the matter was excessive.

Melania is a first generation American from Slovenia, who is also fluent in five languages.

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