One speaker blew them away! Republican focus group picks absolute winner from last night

The Republican National Convention is now in full bloom, and so far one speaker has truly blown the minds of Frank Luntz’ Fox News RNC focus group. And it’s a Trump, of course. But maybe not the Trump you are thinking of for Luntz’ group was wowed by none other than Donald Trump, Junior!

After the convention’s second day had come to an end on the Sean Hannity show, pollster Luntz asked his focus group which speaker they were most taken with, and it turns out that Trump Junior was the one who impressed them most. Junior was deemed sincere, authentic, articulate, genuine, and full of charisma, according to Fox Insider.

The group also agreed that the impressive Junior is a testament to being raised by a good father and that Junior reflects well on the GOP nominee.

Still, some noted that Donald Senior could learn a few things from his own son’s more cool-headed demeanor.

“If Donald Trump would act at home the way that he acts on television, his son wouldn’t be the way that he is now,” one focus group member told Luntz.

“The father should take lessons from the son,” another said. “He didn’t tear anybody down.”

Another focus group member was appreciative that Junior actually got into the specifics of the policies his father is advocating before, and he felt this hadn’t been done enough in this election so far.

And perhaps foreshadowing Donald Junior’s future, 16 out of 19 said they could see him as an excellent candidate for public office.


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