Actor Scott Baio shares ‘best meme out there’ of Hillary Clinton and oh, how the HATE pours in . . .

When actor Scott Baio shared a meme that showcased Hillary Clinton and the “C-Word” in the same photo, he instantly became a woman hater.

Imagine that?

The former “Happy Days” star posted the joke about a week ago.

For social justice warriors, this tweet implied Baio “hated women.”

Or, you know, this ONE woman who doesn’t represent all women. But keep stretching like Gumby.

Baio quickly fired back and explained he merely posted a picture and didn’t call Hills anything.

Baio first began taking a pounding when he broke the Hollywood mold and came out for Donald Trump.

That vitriol only increased when he announced he would be speaking Monday night at the GOP convention.

Imagine what will happen after he speaks.

Carmine Sabia


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