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8 things about Trump’s new VP choice conservatives & Trump supporters will love

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Not long after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was selected as the vice presidential running mate for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton had a social media meltdown that looked a lot like an ad to elect the Trump-Pence ticket.

For those Republicans who might still be on the fence about supporting the Trump/Pence ticket, the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee laid out 8 reasons you should.

She tweeted out the first five reasons about 15 minutes after Trump officially announced Pence was his running mate.

OK. Pence wants to defund the number one unborn baby killing organization in America, outlaw the murder of unborn babies outright, doesn’t want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, wants a robust economy and believes in religious freedom. Where do we sign?

Later Friday afternoon she sent out another tweet that repeated 3 of her original points and added two more. Pence doesn’t worship at the altar of climate change alarmists and he wants to do away with the albatross that is Obamacare.

And these are supposed to be negatives?

That’s a stretch that would make Gumby jealous.

The number eight reason to love the guy –  Gov. Pence scares the pantsuit off of her!

But what was this freak out really all about?

Ah yes. Hillary needs your money.

h/t: Twitchy.

Carmine Sabia


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