Trump nearly breaks the Internet with ‘Crooked Hillary Pokemon Go’ parody attack ad

The Donald Trump campaign may have just released the most shared, and most clever political ad in history, poking fun at ‘Crooked’ Hillary Clinton via the wildly popular “Pokemon Go” mobile game.

Just like “Pokemon Go,” Trump’s super clever attack ad on Hillary is spreading like wildfire, with over 145,500 shares in less than a day.

The attack ad features Hillary as a Pokemon that users have to catch in a hilarious bit that has voters laughing all across social media.

Check it out:

“I’m a democrat lol but this is funny as hell,” one Facebook user wrote under the ad.

“This needs to be made an ACTUAL GAME downloadable from the App store with lots of crooked hillary pics to shoot stuff at,” another Facebook commenter joked.

Whether or not the attack ad will make it to a full-fledged TV ad is unlikely, as Trump has run zero television ad campaigns during the election so far, whereas Clinton has already produced thousands.

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