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Trump already making allies? Brexit leader announces he’ll be attending the GOP convention

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He’s says it’s not an endorsment, but…

The key figure pushing to remove the UK from the European (EU) Union may have just outed his support for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage, and former leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), announced Wednesday that he will be attending the Republican National Convention, according to USA Today.

“Having criticized President Obama for getting involved in British politics, I am not about to endorse anybody,” Farage told USA TODAY on Tuesday. “But I do know a lot of people in the Republican Party, and I’ll be interested to hear what Donald Trump has to say in his big speech.”

Continuing to say that this is not endorsement of Trump, Farage would not say who exactly invited him to the GOP convention, though he did say that “It was not Trump.”

Trump was the only presidential candidate to campaign with the ‘Leave’ campaign, pushing for the removal of the UK in the EU, though Farage says British citizens did not vote based on Trump’s position on the matter.

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