Listen to AG Lynch answer this doozy: Is there a LEGAL reason you won’t answer us, or you just don’t want to?

Rep. Randy Forbes held Attorney General Loretta Lynch‘s feet to the fire on Tuesday, during a hearing called by Republicans to question her, primarily on the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

The Virginia representative hammered Lynch, repeatedly asking her if there was any “legal prohibition” that stopped her from discussing the case with the same detail FBI Director James Comey had, as she danced around giving direct answers to questions about the probe all day.

She could cite no such restriction because, as Forbes put it, “there is no legal prohibition that can be cited here.”

Getting no satisfactory answers Forbes moved on to lambaste her for the Justice Department’s prosecution of the former Republican governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell.

Forbes asked Lynch why her “department launched everything you had against a Republican governor” but choose to punt on bringing an indictment against Clinton.

To no one’s surprise she danced around that question too.

Carmine Sabia


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