Convicted felon fires 17 shots into policeman’s car and home. What he was screaming says it all

An Indianapolis police officer and his family came under fire from a gun wielding, Black Lives Matter T-shirt wearing, assailant in the early morning hours Tuesday.

March Eugene Ratney, who is on parole after serving half of a 12-year sentence for committing a violent felony with a weapon, shot up the officer’s patrol car and home at around 2 .a.m., Fox59 reported.

During his rampage, Ratney screamed that about his hatred for police.

“Think about this, this is your home,” Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Troy Riggs said. “If there is one place in this world where you should always feel safe and your family should feel safe, it is in your home.”

The officer just got in from work when Ratney fired 17 shots from a 9mm handgun, according to Fox59.

Neighbors identified the man as the same person who walked around the neighborhood shouting profanities directed towards police last Friday night.

Surveillance video captured a car that looked like Ratney’s fleeing the scene and he was stopped and detained within the hour, just a few blocks away.

“If we’re going to overcome issues in our community, whether perceived or actual, we’ve got to work together and we can’t tolerate this,” Riggs said . “This officer represents this city and our city was attacked and his family was attacked as a result.”

During his interview with police, the “gentleman” became belligerent and urinated in the interrogation room, Fox59 reported.

A local black leader disavowed Ratney’s actions and distanced him from the movement.

“He is not a part of the movement and you can tell he’s not a part of the movement just in his approach to this whole issue,” Muhammad Siddeeq of The Concerned Clergy told Fox59 after police briefed him. “That movement is a movement trying to do positive things and peacefully resolve issues.

“We’re hurt that there would be such a vicious and callous attempt to terrorize a police officer’s home where his family and everyone is residing,” he said. “And we’re triply hurt when we see that he’s carrying a symbolic representation of an organization that he’s not representing in spirit or any other way.”

Carmine Sabia


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