Hillary Clinton’s response to FBI Director testimony shows exactly what kind of ‘leader’ she is

The mark of a good leader is the ability to recognize one’s mistakes and then correct them.

That is a quality Hillary Clinton clearly does not have.

On Friday, Clinton disputed the FBI‘s findings that she was “extremely careless” with classified material.

“I think the professionals with whom I communicated were very careful about how they handled classified material — as I was over the course of those four years,” she said on CNN’s “The Lead.”

Moments later, in an interview on MSNBC with Lester Holt, she said “I do not believe that all of the professionals that I dealt with in the State Department were careless in handling classified material.”

“I do not believe that they did anything that they believed was in any way inappropriate,” she told Holt. “Other agencies have said maybe they should have known at the time, but these are professionals … they were doing the best job they could. They were not careless. The material they sent to me they did not believe was classified.”

Her rebuttal flies in the face of FBI Director James Comey’s assessment that Clinton and her staff mishandled top-secret, secret and classified emails.

The Republican National Committee took aim at Clinton after her interviews.

“Even now, Hillary Clinton is unwilling to tell the American people the truth about her illicit email server that broke the rules and put national security at risk,” Michael Short, a spokesman for the RNC, wrote in a statement.

“The only thing Hillary Clinton seems to be clarifying is that she is determined to continue misleading voters and obfuscating the facts about her reckless conduct as secretary of state.”

Carmine Sabia


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