Army Vet shows in viral video Alton Sterling was not “harmless,” even with a gun in his pocket

Military veteran Mike Brown took to Facebook on Wednesday to show that Alton Sterling still posed a credible deadly threat to the police officers who shot him dead during a stop Tuesday in Baton Rouge.

Many people have erroneously claimed that the position of Sterling’s hands along with the fact that his gun was in his pocket rendered him incapable of being a danger to the officers.

Brown destroyed that argument in a video just over two minutes long.

“Can you shoot from your pocket?” Brwn asked in the caption of his video. “I’ll show you that you can. Until you are in a struggle with a person alleged of having a gun…where you, the officer, cannot lose, you don’t know.”

On Friday Brown went on Facebook again to address the people who called him a “sellout,” among other things, because they said he sided with police against a black man.

Carmine Sabia


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