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You won’t believe the cast of high-powered characters busted in huge NY cocaine sting

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These bigwigs have seen better days.

A long list of high-powered characters in New York have been nabbed by a cocaine sting set up by police. Grabbed up were investment bankers including a Merrill Lynch associate, a fast food company executive, a Huffington Post writer, and even a Fox Business Network producer, among many others.

The bust was so blatant that the judge presiding over the first appearances of the suspects, Justice Edward McLaughlin, was heard mocking the defendants over and over again, according to the New York Post.

The highest powered name on the list was that of Chipotle Mexican Grill marketing and development chief Mark Crumpacker, though the fast food executive didn’t end up in court because as the arrests of the others were made he was out of the country on a trip.

The Daily Mail gave a list of the movers and shakers who are now on ice…

A Fox Business Network producer, a Chipotle executive and an associate at Merrill Lynch are among a group of 18 high-flyers who have been arrested after a massive New York cocaine ring was cracked.

Katie Welnhofer, 29, who works on ‘Mornings with Maria’ on Fox Business, and the Mexican fast food chain’s Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Mark Crumpacker, 53, have been indicted after the operation.

Christopher Dodson, 28, a client associate at Merrill Lynch, and his brother Austin, 24, an associate at real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, were also arrested.

Underwriting consultant Christian Jewett, 31, Marwood Group senior associate Kyle Holmes, 27, tax accountant Roman Yoffe, 36, and Huffington Post blogger and education professional Alexander Mallory, 31, were also among those indicted.


Many of those arrested were paraded through Judge McLaughlin’s court looking thoroughly dazed.

Fox News staffer Katie Welnhofer looked completely out of it when her turn came to be scolded by the judge. (Photos sourced from Daily Mail.com.)

Merrill Lynch client associate Christopher Dodson hung his head in shame as the judge read off the charges.

Austin Dodson, Christopher’s brother, looked as stunned as any sitting before the court.

Tax accountant Roman Yoffe looks like he is rueing the day he decided to get high…

Huffington Post writer Alex Mallory even looks like he’s still coming down off that high.

Chipotle executive Crumpacker is still to get his appearance on the charges.

And police are charging Kenny Hernandez as the ring leader of the cocaine gang.

Officials say Hernandez not only led the drug ring but even personally handled many of the transactions with his yuppie clientele.

All these folks might have wanted to give Huey Lewis a call to tell him “I want a new drug” instead of getting caught up in all this foolishness.


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