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A CRAZY amount of cash was found behind drywall in Home Depot buckets – see why and just how much

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During a raid on the home of a brother and sister team accused of being drug dealers, police in Miami, Florida, discovered upwards to $23 million hidden in orange buckets inside the walls of their home. Wow, couldn’t they have stopped at a couple of million bucks, then given up the drug dealing and avoided getting caught? Yikes!

Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, 44, and Salma Hernandez, 32, were arrested for dealing marijuana and both are now behind bars facing a long list of charges.

Police were shocked with the amount of drugs, the piles of money, and the arsenal of weapons found in the pair’s home.

According to The Daily Mail, it was the biggest bust in history for the Miami PD.

The money, that was believed to have been made peddling marijuana, was divided into $100 bills and stashed in orange heat-sealed buckets with Home Depot labels.

The hidden room – where the drugs, guns and cash were stashed – was guarded by a hallway statuette of St. Lazarus, a Catholic saint popular in Cuba, according to the Miami Herald.

They also found marijuana, seeds and $180,000 in cash a safe.

The male member of the drug-selling team is being held on a $10 million bond but his sister was hit with a much lower $12,500 bond. But both are facing a long list of charges.


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