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HORRIFIC: Pregnant teen injured at Wendy’s when customer angry about straws abuses drive-thru window

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A pregnant Missouri teenager working at a Wendy’s drive-thru was viciously beaten by a group of thugs because they thought she forgot to give them straws.

According to witnesses, the assailants drove to the drive-thru window in a purple Dodge Charger on Sunday where an argument between the group and 19-year-old Tori Repine devolved into a violent confrontation, ABC 13 reported.

“She said you forgot to give us our (expletive) straws and she (Repine) said, ‘No ma’am, they’re in your bag,'” Repine’s mother, Heather Salcedo, told ABC 13.

That’s apparently when, according to police, Repine was pulled through the drive-thru window by two black females while another got out of the car and all three attacked her.

A witness said a fourth person was involved but they could not tell if it was a man or a woman, according to ABC 13.

That witness said she shouted at the attackers that Repine was pregnant but that did nothing to halt their attack.

“If you would do something like this over straws and ketchup. I’d hate to see what you would do to somebody if you were really upset,” Salcedo said.

Thankfully the baby, who Repine discovered during her hospital stay is a boy, was unharmed.

Repine, covered in cuts and bruises, is now recovering at home after a hospital stay, ABC 13 reported.

Although no arrests have been made, Salcedo told ABC 13 that police have a good description of the suspects and vehicle as well as the license plate number.

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