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CNN host gets panties in a major twist over Trump aide’s meme saying Hillary ‘murdered an ambassador’

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CNN anchor and “Legal View” host Ashleigh Banfield got fired up after a special advisor to Donald Trump tweeted an anti-Hillary Clinton tweet that accused her of murder on Tuesday.

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“This show is called ‘Legal View’ because we know a thing or two about the law and Michael Cohen is a lawyer,” she said. “That there is libel!”

Banfield then posted another tweet Cohen made two years ago where he praised Clinton, as if his opinion of her couldn’t have changed as he learned more about her history.

She tried to keep her cool and discuss the tweet but she just couldn’t do it.

“Let’s be really frank here, people. Don’t call someone a murderer of an ambassador for God’s sake,” she said. “It is offensive to Americans that want the truth to what’s going on in politics! Please, give us a break!”

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