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When son came home from school, he saw a stamp with smiley face. Underneath was a nasty message…

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An Alabama father is livid after he said his son’s school “branded” the child for having a low balance on his lunch money.

Jon Bivens said when his son came home from school last week with a smiley face stamp on his forearm he thought he received a “good job” badge, but upon closer inspection he was horrified by what he saw, AL.com reported.

Under the innocent looking smiley face was a note that read “I need lunch money.”

Photo credit Jon Bivens.
Photo credit Jon Bivens.

“They herd these kids like cattle,” Bivens told AL.com.

He explained that, while low, his son had a positive balance in his account and, seeing as how it was the last week of school, he did not intend to add funds.

Givens kept his son out of school for the remainder of the year.

“It’s a form of bullying and shaming the kids,” he said.

“I don’t care if my son has a -$100 balance… I don’t care. Send me a note home or an email…Where can I draw the line regarding my parental rights?”

Gardendale Elementary School Principal Laura Ware said she had no knowledge of this particular incident but told AL.com that the stamps were one way the school communicated with parent’s about their child’s accounts.

“That’s a part of our jobs,” she said.

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