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Unfunny comic Amy Schumer’s back with another gun ‘comedy’ ad that takes stupid to the next level

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Ever since a gunman opened fire at a Louisiana theater that was showing her movie “Trainwreck” last July, comedian Amy Schumer has become an outspoken anti-gun activist.

Three months after the tragic shooting that claimed two lives, the comedian, who is related to fellow gun grabber NY Sen. Chuck Schumer, appeared on Saturday Night Live in a skit that mocked a future where guns are commonplace in society.

She followed that with a skit this past April on her show “Inside Amy Schumer” where she parodied a shop from home channel selling guns to anyone with ease. Something that anyone who has ever purchased a firearm knows has no basis in reality.

And now she has released her newest anti-gun skit that will definitely endear her to her progressive comrades.

The skit is a parody of a commercial for an attorney who laments being “useless” to sue anyone for crimes committed with gun.

The fictional lawyer says his twin brother was killed in a mass shooting and he has been powerless to avenge him because he cannot sue gun manufacturers or dealers.

The sketch was cut from her Comedy Central show but Schumer released it online.

Carmine Sabia


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