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Manhunt ends for Muslim couple who fled after FBI investigated their disturbing threat made at diner

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A Muslim couple was arrested after an overnight manhunt following terrorist threats they allegedly made to a waitress at an Arkansas diner.

And it wasn’t the couple’s first run-in with the law.

Alan Crawford and his wife Daphne Crawford were arrested Thursday at separate locations and now the FBI is involved, according to KFSM.

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The incident started when the Crawford’s got angry with a waitress at Mel’s Diner in Prairie Grove on May 24 because they felt she was slamming the door between the kitchen and the dining area.

“Only a Christian would treat them like that,” Mr. Crawford said according to an affidavit.

They were also angered by the price of their meal and how long the service took, KFSM reported.

Before the pair left the diner Mrs. Crawford reportedly told the waitress “People like you are the reason we kill.”

After the diner incident the couple made several social media posts that included them threatening violence, posting photos on Facebook of various weapons and a personal threat made to one woman, according to the affidavit.

In a conversation with a woman who asked her followers if anyone knew the couple, Daphne stated her husband was a former Navy SEAL and told her he would show up with an AK-47, KFSM reported.

An FBI agent involved in the case said Mr. Crawford was arrested for another incident that occurred on June 8th when he had a dispute with an owner of a car lot where Crawford threatened to kill the man.

Crawford allegedly walked over to a woman who was sitting in the loaner vehicle he was driving and asked for a gun, which she refused to give him, before they drove off, according to KFSM.

Daphne Crawford’s bail was set at $3,500 and she bonded out of prison on Friday.

Due to past incidents, Alan Crawford’s bail was set at $10,000.

One of those past incidents happened following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in December, 2015.

On December 19, the Crawfords and their son were removed from an Arkansas mall because they were videotaping the entrances to stores, according to the New York Daily News.

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