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Israeli Trump supporters get it! ‘People have the right to protect their homes and borders’

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When Donald Trump burst into the GOP primaries saying “I’ll build that wall,” his very first promise excited millions of voters in the U.S. But it also seems to be exciting supporters in Israel and they are tired of being labeled “racist” for agreeing with the idea.

Fox Insider notes that Israeli secure borders activist May Golan, CEO of Hebrew City, told Sean Hannity that Trump has the right idea. Both Americans and Israelis have the right to secure their borders and to keep out those who would bring damage, not improvement, to their respective countries.

Golan says she is accused of being a “racist” all the time in her efforts to secure her own nation’s border to keep out suicide bombers, attackers and, Palestinian-backed attackers.

“The word ‘racist’ has just lost all meaning to me,” Golan said. She then insisted that people in both countries “have the right to protect their homes and borders.”

“I can see what’s going on here with Donald Trump,” she added. “They’re calling him racist just for wanting to protect the borders of his country. Well, this is the same thing in Israel.”

Golan had words for Hillary, too. She noted that Hillary’s idea of bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees” into the U.S.A. by enlarging the number brought in by 55 percent is a dangerous gambit.

Hannity agreed saying, “ISIS says they’ll infiltrate it, every top security official is warning ISIS will infiltrate” the so-called “refugees” Hillary wants to bring into the U.S.

Golan went on to warn about Hillary’s goals.

“We are watching so many terrorists going with the infiltrators right into these countries, and we know that those people just want to make terror attacks, and are waiting for the right time. And I don’t understand people like Hillary Clinton,” she said.


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