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Donald Trump seeks political blessing from powerful Christians; here’s the plan . . .

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The reporting has been all over the place on Trump’s support among Christians with some polls saying he is winning the religious vote, others saying he is only treading water, and still others saying he is losing Christians.

With that in mind, Donald Trump is set to appear at a closed-door meeting with a large Christian group this week and the media is now back to saying he is losing them and needs to shore up their support.

According to The Hill, Trump will appear at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York City’s Times Square to attend a meeting with a group called My Faith Votes, a socially conservative Christian organization that had initially backed GOP hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.

As The Hill puts it, Trump will “face a reckoning” with the group as it sets out to quiz the New York businessman on his policy ideas and how he feels Christians fit in with his campaign and his vision of the future.

The meeting is intended to allow Christian leaders to “better understand [Trump] as a person” while helping the candidate to “better appreciate” what Christians want done in Washington, the paper reported.

It is certainly true that Trump has struggled to get the direct support of many Christian leaders. Still, throughout the primaries it seemed the bulk of Christian voters had no problems at all pulling the lever for Donald Trump.

In fact, during the primaries it was a hot topic of conversation among pundits as Ted Cruz, the candidate seemingly the best fit for Christian voters, wasn’t beating Trump with the religious vote. Instead, Christian voters were streaming to Trump despite that he is not an overtly religious man, even despite his wildly combative personality and constant bouts of name calling.

But regardless of the groundswell of support among rank and file Christian voters, though, Trump is still at arms length with high profile Christian leaders such as Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, The Family Leader President Bob Vander Plaats, and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

It is these luminaries the meeting in New York is meant to convince that Trump could be their man.

To be sure, not every Christian leader is standoffish toward the real estate mogul and presumptive GOP nominee. The founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed, has been a strong Tump booster.

Only a day ago Reed came out with a strong statement for Trump insisting he is all in for the leading GOP candidate and that evangelicals should join him.


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