Unhinged vegan ‘Internet star’ calls for killing of meat eaters in series of disturbing online rants

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A bodybuilding vegan YouTube vlogger has gained fame by going on a series violent rants in which he fantasized about killing people who eat meat. And no one is off limits.

“I f***ing hate children. When I see babies in a commercial I start to gag and almost throw up. I have to look away and mute it, Richard Burgess, who goes by the name Vegan Gains, said.

Vegan Gains

“When I see babies in a stroller, especially when they’re crying, I want to put my foot through the f***ing thing and step on it until it’s nothing but blood and pulp on the f***ing pavement.”

Yet he laments human mistreatment of animals and said it’s OK to kill people if it is done the same way as animals are slaughtered for food.

“It’s perfectly fine to commit murder as long as your victim died quickly, painlessly and had a great life before you killed them,” Burgess said.

Vegan Gains

“And it’s actually a lot easier to humanely kill humans,’ he added. ‘Hang them upside down, cut open their throat and cut them up into little pieces and put them in my freezer.”

Burgess insisted his messages aren’t meant to be taken seriously but it’s tough he excitedly brandishes weapons in his videos.

“I have no intention of killing anyone,’ he said. ‘Sometimes I say stuff to stir up controversy – sometimes I say s**t to get views.

“Sometimes I say s**t because I’m p***ed off and I have a dark sense of humour and I want to f***ing vent.”

Watch below.

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