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Donald Trump fires back at Newt Gingrich for scolding him about judge

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Donald Trump still has everyone guessing. If former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was angling to become Trump’s vice presidential running mate, he might have muffed the deal with his strong criticism over Trump’s “racially-insensitive” remarks about the judge presiding over a class action lawsuit against Trump University. And today, Trump is firing right back saying Newt’s comments were “inappropriate.”

On Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Monday morning, Trump said he was taken aback by Newt’s condemnation of his comments about the judge.

“I was surprised at Newt,” the GOP frontrunner said. “I thought it was inappropriate what he said.”

As BPR reported earlier, Newt disapproved when the real estate mogul appeared on CNN late last week and dismissively called District Judge Gonzalo Curiel “a Mexican” and then noted “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”

Judge Curiel is presiding over the case against the likely GOP nominee’s Trump University. Many of the school’s former students say the whole thing was just a scam to rip them off and that the university didn’t really fulfill its pledge to train them in Trump’s real estate buying system.

But during the weekend, after Trump made his disparaging comments about Judge Curiel, Gingrich was adamant that Trump’s comments were disgusting.

Gingrich first weighed in on email saying, “I don’t know what Trump’s reasoning was, and I don’t care,” the Hill reported.

“His description of the judge in terms of his parentage is completely unacceptable,” Gingrich added.

The judge is of Hispanic blood, but was born in Indiana.

Later, Gingrich appeared on Fox News and went further.

“It was one of the worst mistakes Trump has made. Inexcusable,” Gingrich said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“That judge is not a Mexican. He’s an American,” the one-time Speaker of the House added. “I hope it was sloppiness.”

Gingrich’s criticism comes after months of rumblings that the former Speaker was buddying up to Trump with an eye toward being offered the number two slot on a Trump ticket. Is the idea of adding Gingrich to the ticket now scotched? Trump still has everyone guessing.


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