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Only one thing saved this toddler from being eaten by a 400 lb lion at the zoo – but it was still terrifying!

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A terrifying video out of Chiba, Japan captured the moment a small child was charged by a nearly 400lb lion from behind a glass wall.

The video showed the lion docile, laying in the grass while the young boy looked on.

When the youngster turned around to face the camera, the lion did what lions do – it lunged at the boy and was stopped only by the glass wall that separated them.

The footage comes at a time when tensions over children at zoos are at an all time high, following the shooting of a gorilla in Cincinnati that had to be killed after it grabbed a child that fell into its enclosure.

The zoo claims that the lion gets excited when it sees children and wants to play with them.

But that pounce looked a lot more like dinner time than play time.

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Carmine Sabia


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