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Hillary’s running to fight ‘inequality’ against women, but should start with the Clinton Foundation

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Do as I say not as I do.

Hillary Clinton has based a large portion of her campaign on closing the “wage gap” between men and women.  Below are a few of her seemingly endless comments on the matter to placate her following:

If Clinton really wants to close the wage gap she can take start with herself.

A new report from the Daily Caller News Foundation showed male executives at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation make 38 percent more than their female counterparts.

The foundation’s 2013 IRS form 990 reveals that nearly three times as many men as women occupy the executive suites at the Little Rock, Arkansas-based foundation.

On average, top male executives at the foundation earn $109,000 more than the top female executives with positions in the C-suite.

The numbers were in stark contrast to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign-oriented “Equal Pay Day” speech, which she delivered in Silicon Valley Tuesday. She charged that equal pay for women was “long overdue.”


According to the report the highest paid executive at the Foundation is Frederick Post, the director of “sponsor and marketing,” who was paid $408,000.

The second highest paid male is longtime Clinton associate Bruce Lindsay who netted $395,000.

By comparison the highest paid female is the CEO, Virginia Ehrlich, who made $201,000 less than Post.

And it didn’t end there, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

All eight male foundation execs earn $200,000 or more. Only one woman earned $200,000, while Stephanie Streett, its executive director, received a paltry $169,000.

Altogether, eight executives are men in the executive suites compared to three women, according to the foundation’s filing.


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Carmine Sabia


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