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Megyn Kelly has a new beef with Donald Trump

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The truce between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump is over.

On her Fox News show “The Kelly File” on Tuesday, Kelly lashed out at Trump for mentioning that the judge in his Trump University case is of Mexican descent.

“Wrong, he is American,” Kelly said as if many of the people protesting Trump at his rallies aren’t Americans of Mexican descent.

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“He does it repeatedly,” Kelly said. “That’s the thing that’s so crazy about it. I don’t know why he’s doing this.”

Her comments came in response to Trump blasting U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel as a hater after he released documents Trump’s team asked to remain sealed.

“Why does he keep mentioning (his ethnicity) over and over when he rips on this judge?” she asked Trump supporter David Wohl.

Wohl argued that Trump said he “loves” Mexicans right after he made the remark.

“Well, that makes it alright,” former Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro shot back sarcastically.

“‘I mentioned it because I took this opportunity to express my love for the Mexicans,’” Kelly joked.

“This is what he does: he creates a bias where none exists and then demands that the person be removed,” Kelly said as she argued there was “no basis for the judge to recuse himself.”

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