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One graduation speech is getting tons of attention, even from celebs and Hillary, but is it for all the wrong reasons?

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Donovan LivingstonMore than 8 million people have watched what the Harvard Graduate School of Education called “one of the most powerful” graduation speeches ever.

It has been shared by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and pop star Justin Timberlake among countless others.

But the speech, delivered by student Donovan Livingston, was actually a spoken word poem.

A poem that lamented the evils of white people who, in the past, prevented black people from obtaining an education in America.

A problem Livingston, who graduated with a master’s degree in education, did not have.

“For some, the only difference between a classroom and a plantation is time,” he said likening education to slavery.

More pointedly he later called schooling “an enslavement to your standardized assessments.”

What’s more, when Livingston ended the speech he walked off to thunderous applause, surrounded by white people, who continued clapping as he repeatedly gave the “black power” hand gesture to the crowd.

Race baiting or inspirational? What do you think of the speech?

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Carmine Sabia


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