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Jarring police dashcam footage shows officer fighting for his life

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Harrowing footage emerged this week of the moment a police officer nearly lost his life in a struggle with a thug.

It was around midnight on Nov 29, 2015, in Brooklyn Park when Officer Sean Hyman pulled over Lance Carr.

Hyman had learned Carr was wanted and went to arrest him when the brutal battle began.

Carr and Hyman engage in around 3 minute long struggle, during which he told the officer he is “going to kill” him and makes a play for the policeman’s firearm.

Lance Carr, left, faces 10 years in prison for his assault on Officer Sean Hyman, right.
Lance Carr, left, faces 10 years in prison for his assault on Officer Sean Hyman, right.

In what is the most jarring part of the video Hyman discharges his gun so that it was inoperable.

An onlooker screamed at Carr to stop the assault and told him she called for backup.

But that didn’t phase the 25-year-old as he continued his attack even as he heard the sirens of approaching police cars.

When the backup arrived Hyman implored them to “Shoot him!”

Instead they Tased him and got him in custody.

‘You OK bud?’ another officer asked Hyman before he collapsed.

Brooklyn Park Police Chief Craig Enevoldsen told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Carr had ample opportunity to escape but choose not to.

“It was not an attempt to escape but an attempt to kill,” he said.

“I’ve watched this video a few times. Every time I watch it I keep thinking the officer is going to die,” Brooklyn Park Mayor Jeffrey Lunde told KARE 11.

As you watch the video even though you know the outcome I keep thinking at some point the view is going to change itself.

“As I watch I keep thinking that same thought over and over again until we change these interactions and we have a national dialogue about this and until we have that conversation about how we can work together these things are all too often common,” he said.

Carr was convicted of first-degree assault and his sentencing is scheduled for June 17.

He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Watch the video below.

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