Hillary supporters realize they have a big problem with their candidate, beg for a solution

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There’s trouble in paradise for Hillary Clinton.

Now, among her own supporters, Clinton is receiving push-back about everything that is wrong with her candidacy, according to a Washington Post report.

“What I want to happen are things that will never happen,” an anonymous supporter of Clinton’s told the Post, saying the Democratic front-runner could not change even if she wanted to. “I mean, we can’t give her an injection to make her an energetic candidate.”

Another supporter admitted that Clinton would have a difficult time against anti-establishment presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, saying “His unconventional candidacy is a challenge” for her.

Longtime supporters of Clinton said it will be difficult for her to change decades-long narratives about her lack of authenticity and scandal-ridden past within the course of the general election.

“They’re dealing with 20 years, almost 30 years now, of public narratives about her,” said former White House senior adviser in the Obama administration, Dan Pfeiffer. “I don’t think that’s fixable in the next six months. You have to turn it from a referendum on her trustworthiness to a contrast.”

Perceptions of Clinton as a bad spokesperson for herself are quite clear even among her closest and longest friends, with one telling the Post “She’s horrible at running, but she’s fantastic at governing.”

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