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Target CEO responds to boycott over trans bathrooms–and hidden reason behind it just slips out

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Target CEO Brian Cornell isn’t backing down from the company’s transgender bathroom policy but the reason why is surprising.

The CEO was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to respond to a boycott of Target that has seen stock prices plummet since it announced it would allow people to use the bathroom of the gender they say they identify with.

The petition calls for having a unisex bathroom for those who wish to use it while keeping men and women’s rooms separate.

Cornell told CNBC that the company already has unisex restrooms in most of its stores and is now pushing to have it in all of it’s stores.

“What’s been lost in this story is the fact that, what we also talked about, is that the vast majority of our stores, actually over 1,400 of our stores, already have a family restroom,” he said.

“And we’re committed over the next few months to make sure every one of our stores has that option.”

In other words, they already had this bathroom setup in place and seized the opportunity to make a public relations case out of it when the opportunity arose.

Watch the interview below.

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