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‘Superman’ announces which presidential candidate he thinks can save America

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He’s been endorsed by celebrities and politicians but now Donald Trump gets the nod from the Man of Steel.

On “Fox & Friends” Tuesday one of the actors who portrayed the character of Superman, Dean Cain, said he supports the New York billionaire’s campaign for president.

“I’m not voting for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, so I guess that makes me a Trump guy,” he told the panel.

Superman Endorses Donald Trump by DailyPolitics

Cain, who said he was a big supporter of House Speaker Paul Ryan, admitted that he hadn’t been for Trump before he became the presumptive nominee but now he’s on board.

And he believes that after Trump and Ryan meet on Thursday the speaker will be on board too.

“I think he has a real clear head,” Cain said of Ryan. “I think they’ll come out of the meeting they’ll have and they will be united.

“Donald Trump said he didn’t really know Paul Ryan, so it’s good that they’re going to sit down on Thursday and let’s see what happens.”

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