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If this superhero prom picture conjures images of sexism or the KKK, you might need an intervention

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Video game director David Jaffe managed to find a way to be offended at a lighthearted and fun prom picture.

The picture portrayed the young men as superheros and the young ladies as smiling sidekicks.

And, although everyone in the picture appeared very happy, it offended the director of “God of War” who likened it to the KKK lynching black people.

Again, this is the director of the game “God of War” that has naked and scantily clad women that can have off-screen sex with to gain rewards.

But he finds a photo of fully clothed women having fun offensive.


Big surprise.

Jaffe was shocked that people took offense to his ridiculousness too.

Take a look at a sampling of the backlash he received.

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Carmine Sabia


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