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Dem state convention passes rule that’s sending chills down the spines of every Hillary supporter

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The Maine Democratic party overwhelmingly passed a measure that will change its superdelegate system forever.

From the 2020 presidential election onward the state’s superdelegates will be awarded proportionally based on the popular vote.

The measure was introduced by Rep. Diane Russell and passed with a voice vote followed by chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” US Uncut reported.

The vote is a repudiation of what is seen by many as the Democrat Party’s failsafe to ensure the establishment’s favorite is selected as the nominee despite the popular vote.

The entire superdelegate system has been a major source of frustration for Sanders supporters as Clinton continues racking up the vast majority, despite Sanders victories in many states.

Maine’s vote could be the spark that brings change to the entire system nationwide.

Since the measure passed, Russell said she’s been besieged by correspondence from other states that want their rules changed as well, according to the Associated Press.

“That’s what happens when you have a good idea,” Russell said. “It takes root, and it grows.”

Although Sanders won Maine handily, three of the state’s five superdelegates went to Clinton, while one went to Sander’s and one remains undecided.

“No one is super. We are all in this together,” former Biddeford mayor Joanne Twomey said at the convention.

The new rule does suggest this year’s superdelegates vote proportionally with the popular vote but does not mandate it, the Associated Press reported.

“I personally do not believe we should change the rules of the game in the middle of the election,” Russell said.

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