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Ted Cruz gets in shouting match with Chuck Todd: ‘Republican voters are the ones rejecting you!’

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Ted Cruz‘s frustration showed on Sunday when he blamed “liberal media bias” for the phenomenon that is Donald Trump.

The Texas senator appeared on “Meet The Press” and confronted host Chuck Todd about what he believes is a conspiracy to get Trump the nomination so Hillary Clinton has an easier path in the general election.

“I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump, because number one, because Hillary wins,” Cruz said before odd cut him off.

“It’s not about the media, it’s about the numbers!” Todd shouted. “Republican voters are the ones rejecting you! This is not a media conspiracy, Senator!”

Cruz addressed the numbers as well, but not the new polling numbers that show Trump with a commanding lead in Indiana.

“Well, actually, with all due respect the media has given $2 billion of free advertising to Donald,” Cruz said.

He argued that the networks aren’t pushing for a debate between Trump and Cruz even though it would benefit them financially because they have a vested interest in Trump winning the nomination.

“They are giving up millions of dollars and the reason is, your network’s executives are partisan Democrats,” Cruz charged.

An angry Todd refuted the charge but Cruz continued.

“The media created this Trump phenomenon and then they don’t hold him accountable,” he said. “Now, I’m sure the media planned to do so if he’s the nominee in general election. Suddenly you’ll hear every day about Donald Trump’s tax returns.”

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