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Watch National Review editor try to convince Cavuto pro-Trumpers to blame for Calif rally violence

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Some people allow their hatred for Donald Trump to make them lose sight of common sense and reality.

Enter the National Review’s Eliana Johnson who took victim blaming to another level Friday when she appeared on Fox News’ “Your World With Neil Cavuto” and spoke about the riots in California around the Trump rally.

While hooligans, thugs and degenerates smashed police cars, assaulted people, blocked roads and caused mayhem Johnson put the blame on Trump and his supporters.

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“Well, one really important thing, Neil, is not to confuse where the bad behavior is coming from. Mr. Trump and his campaign have behaved badly in encouraging and fomenting violence inside their rallies,” she told Cavuto. “And, these protesters are behaving badly fomenting and encouraging bad behavior outside the rallies. The fact that there are protesters that are behaving badly does not obsolve the Trump campaign or Mr. Trump for what he’s done.”

Cavuto stepped in to defend Trump and put the blame where it belonged.

“To be fair that’s been a while ago,” Cavuto said. “He has since advocated being calm, being nice, let a protester leave, don’t be mean.”

That didn’t stop Johnson however, who said the riots benefit Trump because he can paint all of his opponents, conservative and liberal, as thugs.

Something, Cavuto pointed out, Trump didn’t do.

It must be nice to be these rioters as people are tripping over themselves to make excuses for them.

On Friday CNN’s Chris Cuomo referred to the thugs as merely “dissatisfied citizens.”

Trump-hate blinds.

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Carmine Sabia


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