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Michael Strahan’s look of shock is priceless as Kelly Ripa ‘goes there’ on show reunion

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Is it Kelly Ripa‘s plan to make Michael Strahan as miserable as possible for the rest of their time together?

The tension has been so thick you could cut it with a knife since Strahan blindsided Ripa with the news he was leaving “Live with Kelly & Michael” to join “Good Morning America.”

Ripa boycotted the show but returned days later with an opening monologue about respect.

On Friday, she took what many saw as a direct shot at Strahan who has been divorced twice.

“There’s a great article in the paper and I wanna get your take on it because I don’t have a take on it but I want yours. So, um, you’ve gotten divorced,” Ripa said while Strahan made a face showing how stunned he was by the swipe.

Ripa went on to explain a new idea called “bird nesting” where rather than children of divorced parents going from home to home the kids stay in one home and the parents go back and forth.

Strahan didn’t like the idea and, judging by his facial expression, the question either.

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Carmine Sabia


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