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‘Little Marco ain’t so little anymore’: Insider reveals connection to brokered deal between Cruz, Kasich

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The biggest obstacle to Donald Trump securing the GOP nomination could be the ghost of one of his fiercest rivals on the campaign trail.

A GOP strategist who backed Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was reportedly instrumental in creating the Kasich and Cruz alliance to defeat Trump, according to the New York Post.

“Little Marco ain’t so little anymore,” a Rubio insider told the New York Post.

“It’s now going to be a more interesting fight. Cruz still has a shot to win if he can deny Trump triumphs in Indiana, Nebraska, Oregon and New Mexico,” former Fox News contributor Dick Morris said.

It’s no surprise someone close to Rubio would be key in orchestrating the Kasich / Cruz move to stop Trump as the senator’s feud with the New york billionaire was one of the most vicious of the political season.

Trump believes the alliance shows the worst side of politics.

“How do you nominate a guy who lost [to me] by 4 to 5 million votes? We’re gong to pick a guy who got creamed?” he said at Pennsylvania’s West Chester University. “You would have a revolt.”

Rob Gleason, the chairman of the Pennsylvania GOP, referred to it as a “weak move,” the Post reported.

“It’s going to be Hillary vs. Trump in the general election. That’s what the people want,” he said.


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