Dish: ‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter got into intense Fox & Friends backstage spat with Sheriff Clarke

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Only one of them was armed.

According to a source “spying” on the scene, Lynda Carter, who played the iconic title character Wonder Woman in the 1970’s hit television show, got into a tense battle backstage at “Fox & Friends” last week with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

“They got into a disagreement in the greenroom” over polarizing issues like abortion, the source told the Post.

Carter, a liberal and longtime friend of the Clintons reportedly asked Clarke a rather personal question.

“Have you ever had unprotected sex?!” she reportedly inquired.

The Post oddly pointed out that “Clarke was in uniform and packing heat,”  but the “spy” concluded that it all ended “amicably.”

Later on the show Carter expressed her support for the former secretary of state.

“My husband and I have known [the Clintons] since 1983. I really do know the family,” she said. “There’s been a concentrated effort to smear her name for so many years.”

Clarke, in particular, has been brutal on Clinton recently and with good reason.

He slammed Clinton last week for suggesting that inner city kids should join “positive gangs,” as if such a thing exists, and likening joining a gang to “having a family.

More recently he took issue with Clinton’s assertion that she carries hot sauce with her at all times, a blatant effort to pander to, and stereotype, black people.

“I’m surprised she didn’t say ‘watermelon’– just go all the way,” he said.

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Carmine Sabia


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