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Four US Marine veterans recreated this picture 50 years later . . . see them now

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Who says you can’t go home again?

For a group of four Vietnam veterans that’s exactly what they did this weekend when they travelled to a Florida beach to recreate a photo they took 50 years ago, before they went off to serve.

They were fresh out of basic training and stationed at San Diego’s Camp Pendleton when they quartet became friends and, on one of their fun outings, took that picture.

Vietnam Veterans
Photo credit Luke Franke, Naples Daily News.

“We were all on the same boat, we were all on the same weapons platoon, we all knew we were going to be cannon fodder, bodies for Vietnam. And you just hook up.” Bob DeVenezia, 70, who is crouched in front of Tom Hanks, 69, told the Naples Daily News.

The men were split when they went to Vietnam with three serving as machine gunners and the other as an anti tank man, according to the News.

They four never planned on reuniting but after the group reconnected at an online memorial for a fallen soldier they all knew five years ago things started coming together.

“I was too wrapped up in having a good time at first. Then I got married and had a kid,” Bob Falk, 71, pictured in a blue and white striped shirt, told the News. “Now that I’ve retired, I’ve had a lot more time to think back on it.”

And now the friends recreated a memorable photograph and further solidified a friendship that time itself could not destroy.

“We all know,” Dennis Puleo, 69, pictured on the left, said. “that we’ve been given a gift of 50 years.”

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