Obama tells ‘no-gender’ woman looking for sympathy that he can’t change law without Congress

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President Obama was confronted by a young woman in London on Saturday who asked what he can do to repeal laws like the North Carolina law that prevents men from entering the women’s bathroom.

Maria Munir, who said she was “coming out” to the president as “non-binary,” which apparently means in her mind she is not a man or a woman.

Do they need a fourth bathroom for that?

President Obama Responds to Emotional Young… by DailyPolitics

Munir said that as a Pakistani Muslim person there are “cultural implications” in the fact that she believes she has no gender.

“We literally have no rights,” she said. “I really wish yourself and [Prime Minister] David Cameron would take us seriously as transgender people.”

Obama leaned on blaming Congress to explain why he couldn’t help.

“That’s a state law,” he said of the North Carolina law. “And because of our system of government I can’t overturn on my own state laws unless a federal law is passed that prohibits states from doing these things. And with the Congress I currently have that’s not likely to happen.”

The president encouraged Munir to “keep pushing” for greater changes.

Presumably until they push men into the bathrooms with little girls.

Munir said, after the event, that she felt she could change the world, and Obama could help, dnaindia.com reported:

I cannot describe the amount of nerves and excitement I felt at exactly the same time. I started to feel the tears well up,” she said. “For me, aged 20, to be sat in front of the President of the United States, the leader of the free world, and to be able to pitch to him social action that I believe he can have a real influence on is something I will never be able to describe.

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