Jersey school administrator pressured to resign over Facebook post that offended Muslims

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Gladys Gryskiewicz
Gladys Gryskiewicz. Photo credit Mitsu Yasukawa, the Bergen Record.

A New Jersey school board trustee was pressured into resigning after Facebook posts deemed anti-Muslim surfaced.

Calls for Gladys Gryskiewicz‘s resignation started after Elmwood Park Memorial High student body president Humza Yousuf, a 17-year-old Muslim, said he was offended.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations also demanded her resignation.

Gryskiewicz initially resisted, but ultimately resigned on Friday over concern for the safety of her family following the backlash over her remarks, the Bergen Record reported.

Her comments included messages about Muslims, like “stay in your desserts[sic] and follow your religion in your own countries,” and “we cannot allow Islam to take over.” Another read, “Why now are we giving into[sic] the Muslims way of life? The French told them to get lost. This is what our President should be emulating.”

A petition started by the students had gained 700 signatures by Friday. Students had planned a walkout for Tuesday morning, the day on which the next school board meeting was scheduled, according to the Record.

“It’s just an amazing feeling… It goes to show the tremendous power the people have,” Yousef told the Record but he was still not satisfied as Gryskiewicz refused to apologize.

“I think she definitely took the coward’s way out,” he added.

“For her not to have remorse… it just further casts doubt on her judgment and her ability to serve on the school board,” added Jim Sues, who serves as the executive director of the New Jersey chapter of CAIR.

The board is expected to vote on accepting the resignation on Tuesday.

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