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Conservative group takes on RNC, files lawsuit alleging party is ‘conspiring to defraud’ voters

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The Republican National Committee could be in trouble, at least with voters.

The conservative organization Freedom Watch has filed a lawsuit against the RNC and chairman Reince Preibus, accusing them both of “conspiring to defraud” voters in order to pick the nominee themselves.

The conservative activist behind the lawsuit, Larry Klayman, is also going after the Florida Republican party chairman and Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner, saying that during the state’s primary, voters were told that the winner-take-all delegates won by Donald Trump would be bound to him in every ballot at the Republican National Convention.

“Defendants, each and every one of them, fraudulently held out to Florida voters, and the public at large, that their votes cast at the Florida Republican Presidential Primary would be counted and not nullified in nominating a presidential candidate,” the lawsuit states.

“In fact, Defendants are conspiring to make delegates free to disregard the popular vote and support whichever candidate they desire after the first ballot of the Republican National Convention,” it continues.

All 99 delegates won by Trump in Florida are bound to him on the first three ballots at the republican convention, but after that, they are free to support whoever they want.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that RNC party leaders are bribing delegates to sway them against Trump in the case of a contested GOP convention.

“Unsurprisingly, Republican Party insiders, known colloquially as the ‘Republican Establishment,’ have defrauded and engaged in election misconduct and thus illegally manipulated the election system to end up with a candidate that fits their own political and financial agendas,” the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit comes after Trump has railed against the RNC’s delegate system, calling it “rigged” and pointing out a number of occasions where he received less delegates despite winning the majority of voters.

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